NOAFNo Anisotropic Filtering
NOAFNeuborn Open Air Festival (Germany)
NOAFNo Affiliation (forum sales term)
NOAFNotice of Availability of Funds (New Jersey)
NOAFPurchases by Bureau of Aeronautics Facilities (US Navy)
NOAFNotice of Audit Findings (Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection)
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Our results indicated the strong predictive value of higher Killips score for NOAF after AMI.
Greater incidence of Killips class on admission usually indicates larger infarction size and correlates with a higher possibility of developing NOAF in our result, which in turn aggravates the cardiac dysfunction.
Prior studies have reported consistently that NOAF is mainly associated with the increase in left ventricular end-diastolic volume and pressure, which indirectly increase left atrial wall tension and induces AF occurrence.
sup][27] have indicated the predictive value of BNP for NOAF in AMI patients treated with primary PCI, which to some extent supported the relationship between Killips class and NOAF.