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NOAONational Optical Astronomy Observatory (Tucson, AZ)
NOAONew Orleans Academy of Ophthalmology
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The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, which manages NOAO for the U.
For such a project, NOAO would need the help of universities, however.
We are very pleased to partner with SPIE, OSA and NOAO to bring the study of this emerging science to our students," said MESA Executive Director Michael Aldaco.
Furthermore, according to NOAO, they do it with greater sensitivity and resolution than infrared has ever had before.
As Albert Fowler, the NOAO engineering manager for this project, puts it, astronomy doesn't have the money it takes to fund state-of-the-art infrared.
The mirrors for the actual NNTT are planned to be somewhat larger, so after this 4-meter mirror has been used for the testing and design procedures, it will be available to NOAO for other uses.
The plan, as it has evolved since 1984 when NOAO decided that the NNTT should be a multiple-mirror telescope, envisions four mirrors, each of 7.
Former NOAO Director Todd Boroson and NOAO Astronomer Tod Lauer used data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, made with a 2.
NOAO is operated by AURA under a cooperative agreement with the NSF.