NOBENotice of Basic Eligibility (GI Bill)
NOBENational Organization for Business and Engineering (est. 2006)
NOBENetwork of Border Economics (El Paso, TX)
NOBENewfoundland Offshore Burn Experiment (Canada)
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Rather than create new courses, however, the NOBE advises schools to incorporate finance and economics into daily subjects, such as math and reading.
ARAI, YOSHITO, SEI ITO, MINORU KAWASHIMA, MICHIYA SUZUKI, KOJI MURAKAMI, TATSUO NOBE, Experimental Study on Ceiling Radiant Cooling Panel System with Personal Floor Diffuser 330
NOBE was the first attempt to test how well more than a decade of small-and medium-scale oil fires model what would occur in a full-scale burn at sea.
Nobes (2011) studies the classification of accounting systems after IFRS adoption, analyzing specifically the dichotomous segregation of countries into Anglo-Saxon and Continental European countries.
Nobes (1998) distinguishes between written law countries belonging mainly to the continental Europe and the common law countries following the AngloSaxon model.
The first is that this subject occupies a residual place in textbooks and works on municipal governance (Tindal and Nobes Tindal 2008; Sancton 2011; Sancton and Young 2009).
In this third edition, Nobes offers readers his insight into the ongoing importance of international classifications in accounting in the current IFRS era.
Para Christopher Nobes y Robert Parker (1998), las desventajas engloban los costes de la formacion y entrenamiento necesarios para permitir la estandarizacion de las normas.
On the academic level, however, most of the previous studies have been entirely concerned with costs and problems associated with the adoption of IFRS in the developed countries (Bradshaw & Miller, 2003; Delvaille, Ebbers & Saccon, 2005; Epstein & Mirza, 2006; Larson & Street, 2004; Nobes & Parker, 2004).
I thank Sandra Nobes for her beautiful typesetting, for pointing me toward that lovely font, Callie Hand, and for her smoothly professional, printer-ready assembly of all the bits and pieces, as always.
Many authors have written about Pacioli's [1494] treatise, the first printed text to describe this system of accounting, including Hernadez-Esteve [1994a and 1994b]; Stevelinck [1994]; Yamey [1994, 2010], Nobes [1995], Sangster [2007, 2010], McCarthy et al.