NOBISNederlands Onderzoeksprogramma Biotechnologische in Situ (Dutch: Dutch Biotechnology Research Program In-situ Remediation; journal)
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Kings had need beware, how they side themselves, and make themselves as of a faction or party; for leagues within the state, are ever pernicious to monarchies: for they raise an obligation, paramount to obligation of sovereignty, and make the king tanquam unus ex nobis; as was to be seen in the League of France.
Si peccasse negamus, fallimur, et nulla est in nobis veritas; If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and there is no truth in us.
Orientis princeps Belzebub, inferni ardentis monarcha, et Demogorgon, propitiamus vos, ut appareat et surgat Mephistophilis Dragon, quod tumeraris: per Jehovam, Gehennam, et consecratam aquam quam nunc spargo, signumque crucis quod nunc facio, et per vota nostra, ipse nunc surgat nobis dicatus Mephistophilis!
After the removal of the cloth, and the singing of Non Nobis (beautifully executed, and in which we were at no loss to distinguish the bell-like notes of that gifted amateur, WILKINS MICAWBER, ESQUIRE, JUNIOR), the usual loyal and patriotic toasts were severally given and rapturously received.
But your son, senor, I suspect, is not prejudiced against Spanish poetry, but against those poets who are mere Spanish verse writers, without any knowledge of other languages or sciences to adorn and give life and vigour to their natural inspiration; and yet even in this he may be wrong; for, according to a true belief, a poet is born one; that is to say, the poet by nature comes forth a poet from his mother's womb; and following the bent that heaven has bestowed upon him, without the aid of study or art, he produces things that show how truly he spoke who said, 'Est Deus in nobis,' &c.
astonished people, 'Ora pro nobis Deum, alleluia!' At the same time
(44.) Compare 536 F.3d at 98 (adopting that coram nobis available for defendant no longer in custody), with Utah v.
The Vaughan Williams ``Dona Nobis Pacem'' - that's Latin for ``Give Us Peace'' - is composed around Walt Whitman poetry about the American Civil War.
Charles Robertson, Chief Operating Officer of FFE said, "We have had numerous opportunities for strategic alliances with minority-women-owned firms and businesses but have never found the level of capability and technology represented by Nobis. We are delighted to partner with Nobis and expect to enhance service offerings to our customer base."
Bailey interprets: 'when after looking down for some time at the rushing stream, we then look up at the objects on the bank, they all seem to be moving.'(1) Similarly Leonard and Smith take the reference to be to 'all objects on the bank or all stones, etc., sticking out of the stream.'(2) In this case the words 'assimili nobis ratione' must be taken closely together: the objects on the bank seem to be moving upstream in the same way that we ourselves appear to do.
Charles then sought to challenge his 1995 Maryland conviction through a petition for writ of error coram nobis.2 He alleged that his federal sentence was enhancedbecause of his status as a career offender and, for that reason, he was suffering a significant collateral consequence as a result of the Maryland conviction.
Abhijit "Nannu" Nobis, founder and CEO of Nobis Engineering, Concord, has been appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's New England Advisory Council.