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NOBSNaval Observatory (Washington, DC)
NOBSNational Organisation of Beaters & Pickers-Up (UK)
NOBSNorthern Ohio Bibliophilic Society (est. 1983)
NOBSNorthern Old Black Spruce (biology)
NOBSNetwork of Burnaby Seniors (Canada)
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In 1967, driven to create a music festival that "fosters the experience of music rather than its simple consumption," Nobs organised the first Jazz Festival in Montreux.
While the rebels are given reasonable, known grievances, the opening scene also introduces the separation between Nobs and the rest of the rebels.
The cure characteristics and physical properties for mixes A-D reveal that TBAB possesses accelerator activity comparable with NOBS.
There is always a set of eye popping jewels to ogle, am agnificent horse and carriage to appreciate, and enough nobs and nobesses in serious glad rags to pour over.
SAINT: McVitie's Hob Nobs. 67 calories per biscuit/14g.
McCulloch said he raised the false alarm to get rid of "bullies" at the firm famous for Hob Nobs and Penguins.
McVities' Tollcross site has four RFS systems in place which are all networked and currently store 86 recipes for products such as McVities Hob Nobs, Rich Tea and Digestive, which are selected by the operator at the beginning of the production process.
The binary combination of TEBA with N-oxy diethylene benzthiazyl sulfenamide(NOBS) and other accelerators exhibit mutual activity.
The issue of fox hunting has more to do with a small elite of upper class nobs not realising that times have changed and their depraved and unacceptable behaviour will no longer be tolerated by people who they still see as the lower classes.
Whether the spectators are nobs or yobs, it's irrelevant.