NOCCNetwork Operations & Control Center
NOCCNational Ovarian Cancer Coalition
NOCCNetwork Operations Command Center
NOCCNational Operations Control Center (FAA)
NOCCNew Orleans Country Club (New Orleans, LA)
NOCCNational Office Command Center
NOCCNortheastern Ontario Chamber of Commerce (Foleyet, ON, Canada)
NOCCNorth Oak Christian Church (Kansas City, MO)
NOCCNorthern Ontario Carb Clinic
NOCCNavy Operational Checkout Console
NOCCNotice of Credible Coverage (Medicare)
NOCCNortheast Oklahoma Correctional Center (Oklahoma Department of Corrections)
NOCCNew Orleans City Council (New Orleans, LA)
NOCCNetwork Operations Control Center
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During its annual general meeting held in North Bay last November, the NOCC signed an agreement with the Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce to work together on issues of "greater good" to improve Northern Ontario.
Evaluations of adhesions by a reviewer blinded to the treatment arms during a second-look laparoscopy 2-10 weeks after treatment showed trends toward fewer, less extensive, and less severe adhesions in the NOCC group, compared with controls.
After identifying a problem, technicians in the NOCC are able to fully test a circuit in minutes, right through to the cell site, before alerting a field engineer or contacting a local telephone company.
The NOCC will either tackle some of the systemic inadequacies that weaken us, or they will be content to rearrange the deck chairs.
Our work with NOCC has helped to inspire and encourage our corporate employees, our sales team and hopefully all PureOlogy consumers," said Cheryl Markham, co-founder/vice president communications.
Lotsa Helping Hands is an extraordinarily important new resource for families coping with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer," said Shelly Rozenberg, chief administrative officer and director of programs of NOCC.
Motient's national wireless network coupled with its supporting services represent a unique one-stop-shop for SiteMaster to satisfy its M2M NOCC requirements," said Bill Roeting, SiteMaster's Executive Vice President for Business Development.
Fielded by TNS Global for the NOCC, the study surveyed 1,000 Americans on their awareness of ovarian cancer, a leading gynecologic cancer.
NOCC President Maria Ciesla accepted the donation from Office Depot's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jocelyn Carter-Miller and AT&T's Vice President of Business for Florida, Randy Fairbank.
The body image | body essence art exhibition, sponsored by NOCC, tours the country to generate awareness of ovarian cancer, one of deadliest forms of women's gynecologic cancers.
NOCC Massachusetts Chapter President Barbara O'Brien, an ovarian cancer survivor, was one of many NOCC members petitioning for an increase in ovarian cancer funding to help improve the low survival rate of patients through research focused on early detection, screening and treatment.
Akamai's NOCC is currently tracking the movement of the Blaster worm in real time and developing reports on progression of the worm's infestation.