NOCILNational Organic Chemicals Industries Ltd. (India)
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" A suitably modified plan has been finalised for the project at a cost of approximately Rs 250 crore and the project is expected to be commissioned during FY'2011-12, " Nocil said in a statement.
DE- Nocil Crop Protection Ltd, the India subsidiary of Dow Chemicals, for allegedly paying $ 32,000 as bribe to R.
3 September 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CARE said yesterday it has revised the ratings on the bank facilities of rubber chemicals producer Nocil Ltd (BOM:500730).
SEC had alleged that De- Nocil had made payments of $ 200,000 ( Rs 92 lakh) to the Central Insecticides Board officials in India between 1996 and 2001.
The Mumbai based DE- Nocil Protection - a subsidiary of Dow Cemicals has admitted to paying about a crore to an official in India's Central Insecticides Board to expedite the registration of three of its products.
Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) (EVA-18) (vinyl acetate content = 18%) was supplied by National Organic and Chemical Industries Limited (NOCIL) Murnbai, India.
Five companies -- M/ S Richard Morlok & Mario Covino, M/ S Pioneer Friction Ltd, M/ S York International Corporation, M/ S DE- Nocil Crop Protection Ltd and M/ S Pride International Inc -- were named for having paid bribes to Indian officials.
Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA-Pilene 1802) of vinyl acetate content (18%), density 921 kg [m.sup.-3], MFI 2 g/10 min (at 230[degrees]C/2.16 kg), and molecular mass ([[bar.M].sub.n]]) 20,000 was obtained from NOCIL, Mumbai, India.
Another company, Dow Chemicals, agreed to pay penalties for " improper payments" of approximately $ 200,000 ( Rs 1 crore) made by its subsidiary, the Mumbai- based DE- Nocil Crop Protection Ltd.