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NOCIRCNational Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
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I was able to renew connections with many existing friends and colleagues, such as Ireland's Linda Massie, James Loewen, NOCIRC's Marilyn Milos, Bloodstained Men's Brother K, my and ARC's venerable mentor Tim Hammond, Martin N, Soraya Mire, Dr.
Founded on March 15, 1986, by a group of healthcare professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area, NOCIRC is the first U.S.
We sent NOCIRC pamphlets to Senators, Congressmen, and people on an ever growing mailing list, but Marilyn's infectious enthusiasm and passion kept us going.
I mentioned that Marilyn Milos, founder of NOCIRC, had also been misled by doctors.
NOCIRC has sent vast numbers of reprints of these articles to expectant parents and they have helped to change circumcision statistics in the USA.
After dinner, Jeff and I walked to the restaurant next door where Norm Cohen of NOCIRC Michigan had organized an Intactivists Dinner and Sharing Circle.
Thanks to generous donors and dedicated volunteers, NOCIRC of Nebraska has had a booth at the Omaha Health Expo every year since 2008.
BAI was joined by Marilyn Milos of NOCIRC. She and all the others handed out cards and other literature with the intactivist message to thousands of people who lined the parade route between 1st and 8th Streets along Market St.
The group included representatives from NOCIRC, Intact America and Bloodstained Men & Their Friends, totaling at least 40 intactivists (possibly 50 including children).
It was wonderful to see representatives from the major intactivist organizations present: NOCIRC, Intact America, Saving Our Sons, Peaceful Parenting, The Whole Network, and ERIC to name a few.
NOCIRC joined the GIAW organizers in 2001--the same year Steven and ARC first attended.