NOCLNo Clan (games)
NOCLNagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd. (Chennai, India)
NOCLNorthern Ontario Chess League (Canada)
NOCLNotice of Crash/Casualty Location (National Search and Rescue manual)
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NOCL is setting up a six million metric tons per annum refinery project at Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu at a total cost of Rs.9660 crore.
NOCL has also finalized in-house configuration mapping for expansion of the refinery by nine million tons per annum and bringing the total crude processing capacity to 15 million tons per annum by 2015-16.
Based on the observed photoproducts and reaction kinetics and information available in the relative literatures [21, 25, 26], the photodegradation of TCNM might undergo an n-[PI] * transition to the diradical A, followed by Nesmeyanov rearrangement to B, ring-closure to the oxazirane N-oxide C, and decomposition to CO[Cl.sub.2] and NOCl (Figure 8).
Oil trader Trafigura has made its first move into refining in Asia, investing up to $130 million for a 24 per cent stake in Nagarjuna Oil Corp's (NOCL) planned refinery in southern India and replacing BP as NOCL's crude supplier.
The investment will include an equity stake in the Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited (NOCL) worth $130 million with the remaining investment being used to develop storage facilities.