NOCMNational Organization for Changing Men (now National Organization for Men against Sexism)
NOCMNon-Obstructive Cardiomyopathy (cardiology)
NOCMNuclear Ordnance Commodity Management
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(4) The National Organization for Changing Men (NOCM) was and remains a primarily activist organization to which many early men's studies scholars gravitated for mutual support.
(6) Keep in mind the study of men's lives predates the formation of NOCM's Men's Studies Task Group with the early research into the male sex role traced back to at least the late-1940s (see Hacker, 1957; Hartley, 1959; Komarovsky, 1946; Parsons & Bales, 1955).
(10) For a fuller discussion of the sometimes vitriolic transition period (circa late summer 1991 through winter 1992) and the organizational "split" between the Men's Studies Association, soon-to-become the American Men's Studies Association, and the National Organization for Changing Men or NOCM (later to be renamed as the National Organization for Men Against Sexism or NOMAS), see Doyle and Femiano (1999).
Many conflicting accounts can be found about whether NOCM -- which in 1990 changed its name a second time to the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)--was an inclusive, let alone unified, profeminist organization.
(6.) One NOCM document (undated) proposes a "consensus decision making process" represented by a four-level flowchart.
(7.) A number of NOCM memos and documents discuss the executive members' workload and problems with the organizational structure.