NOCOCNational Operational Co-Ordinating Committee (South Africa)
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This initiative also led to the subsequent establishment of a National Priority Committee on Rural Safety which was closely affiliated with the National Operational Coordinating Committee (NOCOC) and which met regularly to consider and recommend counter-crime measures which would improve the safety of farm dwellers in agricultural areas.
This was, in turn, supported by an inter-departmental intelligence structure and t he National Operational Co-ordinating Committee (NOCOC) structure, that brings together the SAPS, and other departments such as the SANDF, Welfare, and Home Affairs as appropriate, in relation to their function of support to the police's crime combating efforts.
With the announcement by the Minister of Safety and Security after the election, of Operation Monozite, a high density anti-crime operation, this approach was carried through in the formation of an ad hoc NICOC Crime Risk Assessment Functional Committee, that was briefing NOCOC on a weekly basis.