NOCTNormal Operating Cell Temperature
NOCTNavy Overseas Cargo Terminals (US Navy)
NOCTNorthern Ontario Curling Tour (Ontario, Canada)
NOCTNational Olympic Committee of Turkey
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NOCT is the normal operating cell temperature ([degrees]C) when cells operate under standard operating conditions: irradiance of 800 W/m2, 20[degrees]C ambient temperature, average wind speed of 1 m/s, module in an electrically open circuit state, wind oriented parallel to array's plane, and all sides of the array fully exposed to wind.
Their characteristic parameters in STC (that is AM = 1.5, irradiance value S = 1000 W/[m.sup.2], and module temperature [T.sub.module] = 25[degrees]C) are open circuit voltage [V.sub.oc] = 36.8 V, short circuit current [I.sub.SC] = 8.17 A, MPP voltage [V.sub.MPP] = 29.5 V, MPP current [I.sub.MPP] = 7.63 A, and nominal operating cell temperature NOCT = 46[degrees]C.
TURKEY'S BID FOR OLYMPICS 2020: Head of National Olympic Committee of Turkey (NOCT) Hasan Arat made Turkey's next Olympic 2020 candidate city presentation in Buenos Aires with "Istanbul 2020, the bridge lying to the future generations and Turkey looks to the future confidently" heading.
* On April 4, 2013, NCC agreed with Odfjell to dissolve their 18 ships pool with a capacity of 40,000 deadweight-tonne (DWT) or higher owned by NCC and Odfjell in addition to acquiring the shares of Odfjell in the NCC Odfjell Chemical Tankers (NOCT).
Kelly (2003) termed this construct noctcaelador (from Latin: noct from nocturnus meaning night, cael from caelum meaning celestial or sky, and ador from adorare meaning to worship or adore) and tentatively defined the construct as an "emotional attachment to, or adoration of, the night-sky" (p.
Noct from the Latin nocturnus meaning nocturnal or night, cael from caelum meaning celestial or sky, and ador from adornare meaning adore (Mish, 1991).
In its December 2000 report, the panel called on the new administration to develop a national strategy for fighting terrorism and establish the National Office for Combating Terrorism (NOCT) in the executive office of the president.
A main use of physiognomical signs was diagnostic and is traced back to Pythagoras.(21) According to Aulus Gellius, he physiognomized the young men that presented themselves for enrolment in his school: he inferred their characters and dispositions, as well as their capacity for learning, by observing their facial features and expressions, and the build and bearing of their bodies (Noct. Att.