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NOCTEOmne Nocte (Latin: every night)
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It were better that in causes of weight, the matter were propounded one day, and not spoken to till the next day; in nocte consilium.
There were law students who read "Noctes Ambrosianae," the 'Age of Reason', and Bailey's "Festus," as well as Blackstone's 'Commentaries;' and there was a public library in that village of six hundred people, small but very well selected, which was kept in one of the lawyers' offices, and was free to all.
Altogether it was a very different story from the old festive, unsuspected, club and cricket days, with their noctes ambrosianae at the Albany.
In Jinghpaw, the Nocte, Tutsa and Tangsa languages within Northern Naga (NN), and the Northeast and Northwest branches of Kuki-Chin, we find a typologically odd development of the verbal indexation system.
Adjunctive therapy: Preoperative fluorouracil (5- Fu) retention enema (50-100 ml inorganic serum plus 250 mg 5-Fu retention enema quaque nocte) was performed for the 128 cases out of the 146 of patients until the operation day.
The former Victorian Mechanics Institute--with in nocte consilium ("study at night") emblazoned above its portal--remains the home of university study in London for part-time mature-age students.
She has been using guttae Dorzolamide 2% twice daily, Brimonidine tartrate 0.1% twice daily, and Latanoprost 0.005% nocte in both eyes during this time.
Choleretics (cholestyramine, ursodeoxycholic acid (10 mg/kg/dose twice daily) and phenobarbitone (5 mg/kg/dose nocte)) and vitamins A, D, E, and K are also prescribed for at least 1 year.
At this stage she had been on prophylactic Bactrim 5 mL nocte for a number of months and a referral was made to a pediatric urological surgeon for consideration of bilateral ureteric reimplantation surgery.
Science in Sport's casein-based product, Nocte also contains protein fractions rich in tryptophan, which are used by the body to make the sleep hormone melatonin.