NODCNational Oceanographic Data Center (US NOAA)
NODCNew Orleans Dental Conference (New Orleans, LA)
NODCNational Organ Donation Collaborative (Australia)
NODCNorthern Ontario Development Corporation (Government of Ontario, Canada)
NODCNegros Oriental Development Center (Philippines)
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The NODC has asked for a more detailed financial statement, the resumes of Ceilia's managers and their proposed renumeration, as well as a detailed description of the manufacturing process developed by Netherlands-based Montanorm Building Systems B.
previously offered to supply the information if the NODC approved a conditional commitment to fund the project.
If the NODC loan is approved, the federal and provincial governments will be financing more than 46 per cent of the $1.
2]) for the MRI/JMA, CSIRO/ACE CRC/IMAS-UTAS, PMEL/ JPL/JIMAR, NODC, and Met Office Hadley Centre estimates, respectively.
According to Nicol, the costs were more than anticipated, necessitating a $170,000 loan guarantee from the NODC.
Section Reanalysis gov/products/GODAS/ 4i NODC www.
2]) for the CSIRO/ACE CRC, PMEL/JPL/JIMAR, NODC, and (UK) Met Office estimates, respectively.