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NODDNexus Orthicon Display Device (BBC acronym used in the 1960s - 80s)
NODDNORD Orphan Drug Designation Database
NODDNotice of Deficiency Determination
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After surviving a Belhadj's low drive through goalkeeper Hussain Rumaihi and Majid Hassan's overhead kick in the early attempts by Sadd, QSC scored the opener when Yousef Safri's brilliant cross off a free kick was nodded into goal by Fadhl Omar in the 11th minute.
They also investigated whether NodD receptors bore a molecular resemblance to vertebrate estrogen receptors.
After comparing the amino acid sequences of NodD and estrogen receptors and the nucleotide sequences of their genes, the team did not find the two proteins to be similar.
Maeth yn ei nodd a roddwyd - a ffosal Wna ffisig at anwyd A dau beth, diod a bwyd A gwrdd mewn llaeth a gorddwyd.
"I managed drift the bait into the bay and tempted it using double hair-rigged Chum mixer soaked in Hinders Nodd oil."
In addition to binding endogenous estrogens, ERs also bind phytoestrogens, an ability shared in common with nodulation D protein (NodD) receptors found in Rhizobium soil bacteria.
Similarly, nodulation D protein (NodD) receptors in Rhizobium soil bacteria recognize phytoestrogens as recruitment signals to initiate nitrogen-fixing symbiosis.
trifolii caused by point mutations in nodD that result in alterations in regulatory function and recognition of inducer molecules.
A nodd peidio a meddwl am Eisteddfod yr Urdd a hynny wrth wylio'r Chelsea Flower Show.
Although phytochemicals bind to and activate vertebrate ERs, the intended targets of phytoestrogen signaling, Rhizobium symbiotic soil bacteria, respond to phytoestrogen signaling via nodulation D (NodD) transcriptional activator proteins, which reportedly share homology with ERs (Gyorgypal and Kondorosi 1991).
In Nodds, 2006, a printed booklet transcribing only the pauses ("Pause"; "Long pause"; etc.) from Samuel Beckett's 1973 work Ends and Odds accompanies twin video monitors screening a looped snippet of Beckett on film, his head snapping up and down in a comical staccato nod.
From the free-kick, pumped towards leaping lighthouse Jan Koller by impressive left-back Marek Jankulovski, the giant striker nodded down for Tomas Rosicky to crash a stunning 20-yard volley against the bar.