NOECNo Observed Effect Concentration (toxicology)
NOECNorthern Ontario Energy Credit (Ontario, Canada)
NOECNorwegian Outdoor Exploration Center (Park City, UT)
NOECNakoda Oyade Education Centre (Sintaluta, SK, Canada)
NOECNationview Outdoor Education Centre
NOECNormal Oropharyngeal Epithelial Cell
NOECNormal Operating Exhaust Capacity (building codes ventilation)
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The environmental effects were characterized by the calculation of the PNEC, based on average E[C.sub.50] or no observed effect concentration (NOEC) values obtained from a set of toxicity test data (EMEA, 2006).
Something from "Nothing"--eight weak estrogenic chemicals combined at concentrations below NOECs produce significant mixture effects.
It was briefly shown that WD size distribution in the nose-only exposure chamber (NOEC) system was narrower than that of WD in welding-room atmosphere.
Toxicity class NOEC [TU.sub.C] and assessment 1 III, acute toxicity 3.36 29.8 2 III, acute toxicity 2.85 35.1 3 III, acute toxicity 2.13 47 4 III, acute toxicity 1.96 51 5 III, acute toxicity 1.96 51 6 III, acute toxicity 1.07 93.5 Table 2.
Ionic 0.002 0.074 0.007 0.20 0.06 3.19 Au 0 0 0.001 Au NOEC LOEC nAu n.d.
For this reason, using measures like NOEC might be ill-advised.
I was heartened to see, during our NOEC conference presentation (Gray, Allen-Craig, et al., 2016), a male audience member make the astute observation about why women are not noticed:
Studies listed were conducted according to OECD guidelines and were performed in compliance with GLP regulations Aquatic Toxicity OECD Study Guideline Species Duration Result 201 Green Algae 72 hours [EC.sub.50] = 39 mg/L (Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata) 202 Water Flea 48 hours [EC.sub.50] = 60 mg/L (Daphnia magna) 203 Fathead minnow 96 hours [EC.sub.50] > 100 mg/L (Pimephales prometas) 210 Fathead minnow 33 days NOEC = 9.2 mg/L (Pimephales prometas) 211 Water Flea 21 days NOEC = 9.8 mg/L (Daphnia magna) Environmental Fate OECD Guideline Test Name Result 105 Solubility in water 69,000 mg/L at pH 7 107 n-octanol/water Log Kow = -0.03 partition coefficient (log Kow) 314 Biodegradation in [DT.sub.50] = 21.1 hours; Activated Sludge 39.7% degradation to C[O.sub.2] in 28 days
The no observed effective concentration (NOEC) and lowest observed effective concentration (LOEC) values determined for earthworm mortality calculated on the basis of student's t-test were 0.1 mg/Kg and 1.0 mg/Kg respectively.
The results of tests with the effluent (S3) dilution were expressed in OEC (observed effect concentration), considering the lowest concentration of the sample that presented a significant difference in comparison with the control group, and NOEC (non-observed effect concentration), considering the higher concentration of the sample that did not present a significant difference when compared to the control group.
At concentrations below 50 [micro]g/L, no ChE inhibition was observed and 10 [micro]g/L was determined as the no observed effect concentration (NOEC).