NOGAPSNavy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System (US Navy global weather model)
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2008) overall improvement in 32% of 38 forecasts using the Met Office (UKMO) system; for ECMWF, forecasts of mean sea level pressure were improved (by at least 10%) in 24% of all cases; NOGAPS FSO showed the highest impact per observation by targeted dropwindsondes ECMWF studies Removing targeted Buizza et al.
The Navy's NOGAPS (Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System) was one of the best in the world, but today it is about middle of the road compared to some of the other models.
To improve the simulation further, the NOGAPS wind stress climatology has been acquired and will be used as a surface boundary condition.
For each CS overpass of a TC, an HDF-EOS file is created containing CS reflectivity, corresponding CS level-2 products, and derived model data from NOGAPS data (version 4.
The FNMOC-GEFS consists of 80 NOGAPS perturbed members at T159L42 resolution, run for 6-h forecasts, used to produce the perturbations for the next cycle.