NOGENovolac Glycidyl Ether (chemistry)
NOGEGenonly (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
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This same Directive also provides for a transition period to permit the running down of stocks of materials and objects containing BADGE, BFDGE and NOGE filled before March 1, 2003, provided the filling date appears on these materials and objects.
A detailed description of the lake is provided by Noges and Noges (2012).
Noges and Noges (2014) found that in Estonia the mean air temperature increased by 0.
Dokulil (a) [mail], Alois Herzig (a), Boglarka Somogyi (b), Lajos Voros (b), Karl Donabaum (c), Linda May (d), and Tiina Noges (e)
Conversely, a lower water level can improve the light climate for macrophyte growth (Blindow, 1992; Noges and Noges, 1999; Coops et al.
The water levels of both lakes are unregulated and have a natural variability strongly associated with the changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO; Noges et al.
Notice of Contract Award: Framework Agreement for the supply of ICT equipment to the Noges Bank (NBIM) office in Oslo.
Vortsjarv) produce large colonies that could actively control their buoyancy and settling rate (Walsby & McAllister 1987; Noges & Laugaste 1998; Roderick et al.