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NOGONorthern Goshawk (bird species)
NOGONot Officially Government Owned
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Nogo Trap has demonstrated improved neurologic function following central nervous system damage in several animal models.
Por fim, embora o presente estudo tenha corroborado a proposta de Perea e Rosa (2000) ao observar um efeito inibidor de NF na tarefa de leitura em voz alta do tipo Go/ NoGo e um efeito facilitador de N na tarefa de leitura em voz alta, e importante que estudos futuros realizados com falantes de outras linguas tentem replicar esses achados utilizando essas mesmas tarefas.
Neutralizing the Nogo receptor in the injured spinal cord by means of the antibody Nogo-A leads to axons regeneration by eliminating the inhibitory influence of Nogo (73, 83, 94-96, 149-151).
Traffic keeps getting worse across the Valley, making us all NoGo.
The latest district to become a nogo area because of child gangs is Somerton, where a group of youngsters have been damaging buildings, blocking vehicles and intimidating and harassing residents.
The protein, called Nogo, is present in the cord's myelin, the fatty sheath that insulates nerve-cell extensions called axons.
These new programs are in addition to the existing program directed to the NOGO pathway on which Alnylam and Merck are already collaborating.
It merits mentioning here that Rangers personnel had said that action will be taken to eliminate the nogo zones from the city; to which MQM chief Altaf Hussain said, while refuting Rangers' claim, that NineZero is not a nogo area.
Napenas had said Aquino did not give the gosignal on the operation, but he didn't give a nogo signal either.
The Nogo Receptor 1 gene is required to suppress high levels of plasticity in the adolescent brain and create the relatively quiescent levels of plasticity in adulthood.
Less than 24 hours after a wrong dog incident at Friday's meeting when A1 runner Villamartin Nogo ran and won an A3 as 'Fieldbrook Lad' - an incident for which a local inquiry is continuing - the hare stopped on three separate occasions around the fourth bend prior to the start of race two.
The rear garden was barren and overgrown with weeds and was a nogo area for the wheelchair-bound.