NOHFCNorthern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (Government of Ontario, Canada)
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Strapp admitted it was an eye-opener to take on the responsibility at NOHFC of being accountable for a $100-million budget for the region and seeing that it's spent wisely.
Over eight years at NOHFC, Strapp feels he's helped push the "digital envelope" in doing things more effectively and efficiently.
The plant is now just about ready to be commissioned, so the money allocated by NOHFC was very well spent, in my opinion.
Fort Severn Chief Joseph Crowe said, NOHFC funding of this groundbreaking infrastructure will help our community reduce dependence on fossil fuels, leading to cost savings and new economic opportunities .
The NOHFC is celebrating its 25th anniversary under the theme, The NOHFC @ 25: Proud past, Strong future.
Since 2003, the NOHFC has funded more than 5,400 projects, creating or retaining more than 22,100 jobs in Northern Ontario.
Funders of the facility, including FedNor, NOHFC, City of Greater Sudbury and the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, joined local experts to speak to its significance.
The NOHFC has provided more than $83 million toward film and television production projects in Northern Ontario since 2003.
The study was jointly funded by FedNor and NOHFC, which each put in $2.
There are also additional funding programs through the NOHFC, FedNor, Community Futures Development Corporations, and more.