NOICCNational Occupational Information Coordination Committee
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Improved Career Decision Making in a Changing World For general information on these courses, please contact Burt Carlson at NOICC at (202) 653-5665 or at Carlson-Burton@dol.
To order training materials for the CDF curriculum or Workforce in Transition, visit the NOICC Web site at www.
NOICC provided the leadership, technical assistance, and training to carry out this ambitious agenda.
Similarly, NOICC provides leadership and funds to decrease costs to states.
To order NOICC products: NOICC Training Support Center Customer Service, ODVTE 1500 West Seventh Ave.
Updated by NOICC in 1996, the guidelines have three parts:
OU's part of the NOICC grant proposal was written within a very short time and required working late at night and literally walking it through the university's grant procedures and approval levels.
Postal Service, NOICC, the National Employment Counseling Association, NCDA, the National Board for Certified Counselors (NB CC), Workforce Development Directors, the California Counseling Association, the Michigan Department of Education, school librarians, and career development and career counseling educators.
Professional organizations--including NOICC, the Career Development Training Institute, and NCDA--have been closely involved in determining the competencies and curriculum for CDFs; certification is available through the Council for Credentialing in Education, an organization associated with NBCC.
NOICC and ASCA began working on the portfolio concept during the 1990-91 school year.
The concept behind the portfolio is that it's the individual's responsibility to prepare themselves for the future," explains Nancy Perry, career development specialist for NOICC.
JH-B: The developmental perspective is well exemplified in K-12 school settings that have followed the National Career Development Guidelines, sponsored by NOICC [National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee] or have developed their own--designed to move students through the stages of awareness, choice making, and implementation.