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NOIDNotice of Intent to Deny (US DHS)
NOIDNotice of Impending Development (California)
NOIDNotice of Intention to Discontinue (Workers' Compensation Benefits)
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proposed a tree based itinerary design (TBID) algorithm, which improves upon NOID.
I will be forced to wear a Ghirardelli chocolate patch on my upper arm that will slowly feed me the chocolate noids I need while preventing the fattening parts from collecting around my mid-section.
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] The Noid at 7:35pm Yeah, leave him alone, pizza's great.
Each site was monitored in two 20-min samples Year Total NOID (a) EPFU EPFUFB LABO LABOFB 2005 1045 244 15 0 786 21 2006 316 62 20 1 234 6 Total 1361 306 35 1 1020 27 (a) NOID = Unindentifiable bat pass; EPFU = Eptesicus fuscus; LABO = Lasiurus borealis; FB = feeding buzz TABLE 3.
The latter are proxied by fraction of drinkers at the college that have purchased alcohol without identification (noid) and an interaction term between an indicator for the respondent being under 21 years of age and noid (noidu21).
Juba Justinus Marter, Irenaus ja Hippolytus vaitsid, et gnoosise rajajaks on samaarlane Siimon Noid ja jarelikult parineb ka gnostiline hikumine Samaariast.
Preliminary structure calculations suggest that CB1-E2 in SDS contains a well-defined turn that includes the CSXXFP sequence shared by the cannabi noid receptors and several orphan receptors.
While on the road, Maiffret joined a gang called Noid, whose members across the U.
National Laboratory, researchers are modeling nanomachines using a combination of computational chemistry and proprietary techniques, says Don Noid.
9 Radiographic find- ings include marked anti-gonial notch, enlarged coro- noid process and reduced vertical ramus height on the affected side.
Inthe 1970s theyelectedas mayor Michel Crepeau who freed the 18th-century centre from trafficandintroducedthe noID, no restrictions, pick-up-and-leave bike scheme.