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95) Calista "The Coast Range" Pinot Noir 2013 (California).
Noir has also been appointed by Manchesterbased doctor to the stars, Dr Martin Kinsella, and his team on bringing a pioneering new hormone treatment to the market.
Gloria Ferrer 2012 Estate Grown Pinot Noir (Carneros; $28).
AUSTRALIA DALRYMPLE Pinot Noir 2013, Pipers River, Tasmania, Australia (PS28, Oddbins).
The beautiful, dangerous and duplicitous femme fatale is an identifiable feature of many noir films, with her sexual deception performing a specific narrative function.
95) Buisson-Charles Bougogne-Pinot Noir Hautes Coutures 2012 (France).
Even a cursory look at D'Agata's draft might uncover its Noir elements.
From its inception, Cafe Noir is known for the superb quality of its food that make it a preferred brand among customers who love to indulge in typical French flavors.
Dussere sidesteps the traditional debates about whether film noir is best thought of as a genre or style by framing noir as a tradition, by which he means an "ideological structure" that he claims begins with film noir and hardboiled fiction and "continues and evolves" up to the present in a series of transformations that Dussere traces over the course of his book.
Marcel Duhamel, the founder of the Serie Noire, himself suggested that Himes write noir for his book series, giving him pointers on how to approach the genre.
And although film noir is usually what people mean when they talk about "noir," there are many other cultural productions that fall into this category.