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NOIRSNational Occupational Injury Research Symposium
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Such films are less concerned with relativism and the pointless play of pop-cultural references than with the truly dark phenomena of repetition and the uncanny--phenomena that, as Richard Gilmore suggests in his essay on Chinatown, undo "the sense in a classic noir of the narrative being unique" for the protagonist and the spectator.
From Lockwood Vineyard comes its 2005 Block 7 Estate pinot noir ($20) from Monterey County's San Lucas region.
Her focus on minor female characters, however, provides a more complex reading of both of these classic film noirs.
It is indeed striking to realize that these characteristics shared by so many noirs, often considered a chiefly American enterprise, have foreign roots.
If I was marooned on a desert island with just one bottle of wine, I'd hope it was a Pinot Noir ( the grape that's responsible for fine red Burgundy.
In The Noir Thriller, Lee Horsley seeks "to establish a much broader understanding of literary [and film] noir" (1).
1) As he had done for Citizen Kane and his noirs, Welles studied and appropriated the techniques of Weimar cinema, especially the elements of mise-en-scene.
Andrew Dickos asks pertinent questions about the nature of film noir in "Street With No Name.
It is clear therefore that formalist criticism of the noir genre risks the danger of reducing noir by noirs to a critique of patriarchy or of capitalism-minimizing on the one hand, the deconstruction of racism in the renewed genre and, on the other hand, a delineation of a Black way of life in America.
91) Belie Glos Clark & Telephone Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir 2012 (California).