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NOISENew Outlooks in Science & Engineering (UK)
NOISENew Objectives in Sound Exploration (band)
NOISENoise Optimisation of High-Frequency Semiconductor Structures
NOISENew Orleans Independent School Educators
NOISENitric Oxide Ionization Spectrometry Evaluation
NOISENovell, Oracle, Intel, Sun Microsystems and Everybody Else (against Microsoft)
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A noise of spurs knocking against a sword - a warlike sound familiar to his ears - stopped him as he was going towards the bed of Athos.
Did we not hear a roly-poly noise in the attic when we were looking into that chest?
That makes no noise, and is quite as certain, and more genteel.
Thus fearful alike, of those within the prison and of those without; of noise and silence; light and darkness; of being released, and being left there to die; he was so tortured and tormented, that nothing man has ever done to man in the horrible caprice of power and cruelty, exceeds his self-inflicted punishment.
They hesitated to advance; but, as the noise did no harm, they entered through the whitewashed wall and quickly discovered the cause of the turmoil.
Every time I dropped off for the moment, a new noise woke me.
Lying dressed upon his bed, the noise awoke him with a start and found a gloomy echo in his heart.
But, this accomplished, which he fancied was all he had to do to get out of this terrible strait and embarrassment, another still greater difficulty presented itself, for it seemed to him impossible to relieve himself without making some noise, and he ground his teeth and squeezed his shoulders together, holding his breath as much as he could; but in spite of his precautions he was unlucky enough after all to make a little noise, very different from that which was causing him so much fear.
Such a strange noise, Jeremiah, and such a curious movement.
It seemed to him that heaven had at length taken pity on him, and had sent this noise to warn him on the very brink of the abyss.
One night, not long after, a loud noise and rumbling was heard under the castle.
I see thee deafened with the noise of the great men, and stung all over with the stings of the little ones.