NOITNotice of Intent to Terminate
NOITNew Opportunities Investment Trust
NOITNauka Organizacja i Technika (Polish: Science and Technology Organization)
NOITNuclear Operator in Training
NOITNew Orleans Information Technology Group (Natalbany, LA)
NOITNoor Oil and Industrial Technologies (Qatar)
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The NOIT was developed by Ronald Davis, himself a former 'Kanner's baby', the term used to identify autistic children before the word was coined in 1943.
While it does not cure autism, Davis said the NOIT supports an individual while they learn to establish a stable orientation.
The NOIT can significantly improve many behavioral characteristics common to non-verbal autism.
The NOIT is the culmination of my life's work," Davis stated.
There are currently over 225 NOIT units in use internationally.
NOIT Research is a private, leading-edge autism organization.