NOITANorthern Ohio IT (Information Technology) Association
NOITANotice of Intent to Appear
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Variables Coefficient SZ 2.34e-11 NOITA -4.387271 ** MP -0.1505802 LQ -0.2218774 ** CONS 0.7204055 ** ** Significant at 5 per cent level of significance The efficiency scores changes by the coefficient for each unit increase in the corresponding predictor variable.
Mokuninga ngaho Saara ota kala a manguluka noita ka shikula momuno wovanhu vakwao ovo va ninga oihakanwa yomahepeko, venya hava ka pula vali oibofa i ekelweshi ofimbo omunhu ina holoka momhangu, omolwoumbada.
In many instances, the guilty exile themselves--`desert the nippar,' as we say--and where they do remain in the nippar, the penalties consist of apologies or what we call noita, which may be thought of as a kind of compulsory meditation, with the guilty required to report periodically to a saymun [i.e., a kind of soul doctor or therapist].