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NOLNet Operating Loss
NOLNature of Leadership (Venturing Leadership Skills Course; Boy Scouts of America)
NOLNeptune Orient Lines (container shipping company)
NOLNo Objection Letter
NOLNetworks on Line
NOLNew Orleans, Louisiana
NOLNaval Ordnance Laboratory
NOLNokia Operator Logo
NOLNotice of Loss
NOLNow or Later
NOLNew Orleans International Airport
NOLNano-Oxide Layer (magnetics)
NOLNot on List
NOLNetscape Online (ISP)
NOLNo Operators License
NOLNotice of Litigation (law)
NOLNormal Operating Loss
NOLNokia Logo Manager Format (filename extension synonymous with NLM)
NOLNormal Overload
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The company's ability to utilize NOL carryforwards would be substantially limited if an ownership change as defined under Section 382 were to occur.
13(5) and (6) provide two examples that may prompt a revenue agent to identify a problem in an NOL deduction under examination.
13(4) explicitly refutes this inaccurate assumption by stating "copies of tax returns are not proof" of an NOL deduction.
The transaction would enable NOL to grow as part of a larger entity with the resources of the world's third-largest container shipping line," NOL Chief Executive Ng Yat Chung said.
1,2014, the carryback amount may not exceed 50 percent of the NOL.
Unless these conditions improve, NOL will post a full-year loss," the company said.
An individual who has a negative taxable income needs to go through the following three-step process to conform with the NOL rules:
A NOL is easy to report--it gets entered on line 21 of Form 1040 (Other Income) as a negative number.
The recently enacted recovery package allows taxpayers to elect the three-, four-, or five-year carryback to offset the loss against income earned in up to five previous years, whereas an NOL typically can only be carried back for two years.
If your business losses exceed your personal income, you have generated a personal NOL and may be able to carry the excess loss back or forward to other tax years on your personal return.
3) We conduct tests to examine how well Compustat NOL data identifies firms with U.
This election must be made by the deadline for your business's income tax return for the year in which the NOL occurred.