NOLCNational Obscenity Law Center (New York, NY)
NOLCNorth Okanagan Labour Council (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)
NOLCNortheastern Oklahoma Labor Council (Tulsa, OK)
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Prior to their reorganizing, the Chapter 11 firms have a positive relationship between NOLC and total debt ratios (Table IV).
Although the median ratio of NOLC to assets is zero for the Chapter 11 firms and their industries, Wilcoxon signed-ranks tests indicate that the ratio for the sample firms is significantly higher than the corresponding industry median figures.
Factoring the NOLC out of Form 990-T unrelated business total deductions had the greatest impact on the NTEE categories of environment, animals; international, foreign affairs; health; and arts, culture, and humanities.
However, organizations in the NTEE categories of environment, animals; health; "human services"; international, foreign affairs; and religion-related still had negative net income (less loss), or apparently unprofitable unrelated business operations, after subtracting out the NOLC from their respective unrelated business total deductions.