NOLFNo One Lives Forever
NOLFNavy Outlying Field (Depart of Defense Flight Information Publication)
NOLFNursing Organization Liaison Forum
NOLFneck of left femur
NOLFNecessities Of Life Foundation (Dothan, AL)
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I adjusted our low-level route to get us to the NOLF more quickly and give us enough time to focus on landings.
splendidus se han registrado desde el Mioc eno en Italia, asi como en el Plioceno inferior de Cataluna (NOLF & CAVALLO, 1994; NOLF et al.
With the student NFO at the controls, we turned north overtop Silverhill NOLF and began a climb to 7,500-feet MSL to set up for a simulated power loss.
I knew I just had passed NOLF Summerdale, an unmanned airfield, and began a right turn.
Imperial Beach NOLF, a helo airfield, is closer to the pier than NASNI.
After passing Brewton NOLF to the west, a loud bang came from the engine compartment, followed by grinding and whining noises.
six NOLFs located in the county based on proximity to Accident Potential Zones,