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NOLSNational Outdoor Leadership School
NOLSNorth Olympic Library System (Port Angeles, WA)
NOLSNational Organisation of Labor Students (Australia)
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The corporate deduction for NOLs helps ensure corporations pay tax on their average profitability over multiple tax years.
The TCJA's change in treatment of NOLs is not without precedent.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 24, 2018-Inseego adopts NOL rights plan
At first, the allowable NOL carryback percentage will vary.
If your business is organized as a C corporation, NOLs provide no direct tax benefits to individual shareholders.
In general, a net operating loss (NOL) may be carried back two years and carried forward 20 years to offset taxable income in such years.
Second, there are limitations associated with differences in consolidation rules and Compustat's related reporting of foreign NOLs in the NOL carryforward balance.
In IRS Release IR-2002-66, the IRS announced that these taxpayers have until October 31, 2002 to elect whether they want to use the new five-year carryback period for NOLs enacted by the Act.
Because Digital was carrying huge NOLs, the company was paying millions of dollars in taxes on 10 percent of its losses instead of plowing that money back into the company in research and development -- a vivid example of the stupidity of AMT!
7602(a) that permit the IRS to examine any records deemed relevant for confirming the correctness of a return and the application of these rules in the IRM with respect to NOLs create two potential pitfalls for taxpayers.
In the second example, the 1RS describes an audit of a 2012 corporate tax return that includes a material amount of nondeductible personal expenses and an NOL carryforward.