NOMARNew Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors (Louisiana)
NOMARNational Organization for Mexican American Rights (San Antonio, TX)
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Red Sox Hold Press Conference Where Nomar Garciaparra Announces Retirement (http://bizofbaseball.
I think both of us understood at the time that it wasn't about Nomar and it wasn't about me.
First of all, Nomar didn't play 10 seasons with the Red Sox (for the record, it's 8).
I think we have to think about getting help because of the recent history with Nomar and his injuries," Dodgers manager Joe Torre said.
The Nomar Series coatings are environmentally friendly thanks to their water-based composition.
The Nomar Series coating was designed to eliminate the common abrasion that occurs between the inside of shipping containers and the packaged items while in-transit; allowing for scratch-free goods.
On the evening of October 7, Nomar Garciaparra and his uncle and business adviser, Victor, were back in Boston, cleaning and painting a riverside condo both men own jointly in Charlestown.
It was always special to watch the fans cheer when Nomar came to the plate.
Although he talked openly about the possibility of Nomar Garciaparra coming off the bench, going so far as to say veterans such as Garciaparra generally adapt to such roles much more easily than young players, Torre shot down any suggestion he might be leaning toward rookie Andy LaRoche as the starter.
Muscat: Larry Pagtama showed that being ruthlessly focused pays in the war game called chess as he edged out Nomar Sediego and newcomer Saif Hairth Mohammed to claim open category title in the Markaz Al Bahaja Chess Tournament.