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NOMENetwork Object Model Environment
NOMENew Orleans to Memphis (freight train symbol)
NOMENational Officer on Medical Education
NOMENon-Minelike Echo
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And the Nome King danced around on his pointed toes, he was so enraged.
Hearing this the Nome King uttered a yell of joy and leaped from his throne, to resume his wild walk up and down the cavern.
This Nome King was named Roquat the Red, and no one loved him.
Indeed, Ozma and Dorothy had both almost forgotten that such a person as the Nome King yet lived under the mountains of the Land of Ev--which lay just across the deadly desert to the south of the Land of Oz.
You have plenty of power left, for you rule this underground kingdom like a tyrant, and thousands of Nomes obey your commands.
My Nomes are good fighters, but they are not strong enough to conquer the Emerald City.
Also they make diamonds and rubies and emeralds, which they hide in the ground; so that the kingdom of the Nomes is wonderfully rich, and all we have of precious stones and silver and gold is what we take from the earth and rocks where the Nome King has hidden them.
We shall do it," replied the Scarecrow, "although it requires a lot of courage for me to go near to the furnaces of the Nome King.
It did not take long to finish the meal, and then the Lion and the Tiger were harnessed to the chariot and the party was ready to start for the Nome King's Palace.
And so the magnificent procession left the palace and started along the road just as day was breaking, and by the time the sun came out they had made good progress toward the valley that led to the Nome King's domain.
Then" said Ozma, "we will arrange to start for the Kingdom of the Nomes at daybreak tomorrow.