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NOMENetwork Object Model Environment
NOMENew Orleans to Memphis (freight train symbol)
NOMENational Officer on Medical Education
NOMENon-Minelike Echo
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All'inizio delle indagini mi era parso che anche il nome Meriana potesse leggersi come forma alterata: Maria > Mery > Meriana.
Os estimulos nao familiares (desenhos) e o tipo de nome utilizado para o estabelecimento de relacoes condicionais para os participantes do genero masculino e do feminino estao representados na Tabela 1.
Behind them en route to Nome were Jessie Royer and Aliy Zirkle.
Danielle Slingsby, who heads the Nome Community Center, said at a public hearing, "I think if you take (the exemption) away from nonprofits, you're basically just taking away services from the people of Nome." Residents also raised concerns about the measure's possible impact on tribal governments, which sponsor non-profit organizations and services in the region.
Em um documento epigrafico ateniense (IG I, 125), e testemunhada a concessao de honras da parte de Atenas a um cidadao cireneu de nome Epikerdes, que enviou ajuda financeira aos prisioneiros em Siracusa em 413 a.C.
But NOME's LED lighting system gives Hanson a virtual partner to answer to.
Nome is remote, and the only way to get there is by air, sea, or dog sled.
The US Army Corps of Engineers has been preparing for public comment the Draft Feasibility Report for the deep draft port project at Nome, which includes a Tentatively Selected Plan, or TSP, for the port.
The famed 1000-mile dogsled race from Anchorage in Southeast Alaska to Nome on the Bering Sea is a test of endurance, both human and canine.
In relay fashion, one team of dogs after another, dogs would speed the medicine across the frozen tundra to Nome. Would it work?
Complementando esta referencia passageira com a mencao do costume de postular uma Forma unica para cada multiplicidade, referida por um mesmo nome (Republica X 596a), fica claro ser atraves do logos que se procede a confrontacao das Formas eponimas com as multiplicidades em mudanca a elas associadas (9) (Fedon 78d-79a).