NONCNotice of Non-Compliance
NONCNotice of Non-Coverage (health insurance)
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It can be seen that, FENC transmits coded data as well as OpNC's and act better than NoNC's.
Felix's belief that there has to be more to life than farming is validated when Nonc (short for mon oncle ...
These overturns primarily focus on two issues: preparation and delivery of the notice of non-coverage (NONC), and reasons for denial of skilled services.
Weak states will probably continue to view acquisition of nuclear and other nonc onventional chemical and biological weapons as necessary to reduce the cost of maintaining large standing armed forces.
The Universal Shade of Essentia has a packable, nonC...sticky consistency that will, for instance, be optimal for building proximal walls.
The orders place any nonC...residents entering the area without permission from the Israeli military commander of the area atC...risk of arrest.
Sudan and the importance of having its developmental needs met; h) The possibilities of promoting peace, justice and reconciliation through traditional processes at the local level, provided that the process is not manipulated for narrow political ends, is left to the Darfurians, and involves neutral, nonC...partisan native administration leaders; i) The imperative to respond immediately, and without waiting for the conclusion of the GPA, to the various demands of peace, justice and reconciliation at all levels within Darfur, and between Darfur and the central Government; j) The need to promote the GPA amongst the people of Darfur generally.
Shari'ah governance structure is also considered adequate with no instances of nonC...compliance noted for the period.
"The formula for nominating nonC...Sudanese nationals and for constituting the judicial panels of the Hybrid Court, as well as for the deployment of prosecutorial and investigations support, would be proposed by the AU".
NonC...interest income was up 11 per cent to QAR 1,246 million for 2013 compared with QAR 1,118 million in 2012 with ABank contributing QAR 133 million.