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NONCENot of Normal Criminal Element (sex offender reference)
NONCENot on Normal Courtyard Exercise (prisoner)
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Into this arrangement I entered without the slightest hesitation, for we had funds enough to carry it out on a comfortable scale, and Raffles placed a sufficient share at my disposal for the nonce. Moreover, I for one was only too glad to seek fresh fields and pastures new--a phrase which I determined to interpret literally in my choice of fresh surroundings.
'Bertha!' said Tackleton, assuming, for the nonce, a little cordiality.
The perceived stressed syllable depends on whether the nonce word is contextualized as a noun or a verb.
But former coach driver Spitari, 59, who had been in the Merchant Navy for eight years, claimed he had no idea what "nonce" meant.
Thirdly, replay attacks are not possible due to the use of random nonce values in all the protocol messages.
Prosecutor Ben Douglas-Jones QC yesterday said Harley had history of attacking men he believed were child abusers; four years ago he strangled and gouged the eye of a disabled man he had wrongly believed to be a "nonce".
A miner assembles a block from a list of unprocessed transactions plus other information, including a 4-byte (32-bit) variable field called a "nonce," then runs the result through an SHA-256 hashing algorithm.
The math puzzle involves randomly guessing at a number called a nonce. The nonce is combined with the other data in the block to create an encrypted digital fingerprint, called a hash.
In the noncerespecting scenario, they can encrypt at most [2.sup.96] plaintexts (as the nonce length is 96 bits) and the maximum block length of each plaintext is about [2.sup.32] blocks (64 GBytes).
And into these "imaginary" or "nonce" families Pete can slide, filling a gap in relational need and creating a queer relational politics for the AIDS generation.
Consider, for instance, the following statement in the Sunday Nation of December 10: "This counsellor discovered that the reason I was relapsing was because I had something else that was not being treated".Whether it was he or whether it was merely the disease that was "relapsing" is a question not addressed properly in that statement, although we must ignore it for the nonce.