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NONCOMNon-Commissioned Officer (US military)
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The NonCom POPs is a UN-assisted project that aims to assist the country in eliminating its stockpile of POPs, which are chemicals targeted for global elimination under the Stockholm Convention to protect human health and the environment from their harmful impacts.
Ongoing downsizing and cost-cutting by corporate, institutional and governmental entities -- which at the same time must maintain high building maintenance standards -- will continue to result in outsourcing of noncom operations, a trend which will spur demand for janitorial services.
Other researchers (e.g., Instone, Major & Bunker, 1983) have found that females are more likely than males to use coercive power which also may stem from fears of noncom pliance.
According to the FCC, the new requirements mean that "home buyers will have a basis for taking action against builders or contractors if they experience telecommunications problems due to noncom pliant wiring."
in fact, the petite noncom who is trained to use a battery of military arms -- including the M-16 A2 rifle, the AT4 anti-tank weapon, the Claymore anti-personnel mine and the M2O3 grenade launcher -- doesn't mind breaking a fingernail every now and then.
Step 1, only extent of computer use of low cognitive demand (EXTUSE) was entered; in Step 2, both EXTUSE and nature of the non-computing component of the job (NON-COM) were entered; in Step 3, EXTUSE, NONCOM and their interaction (INTER) were entered.
I ended up as Patton's intelligence noncom noncommissioned officer.
Every military camp in the world welcomed the wood, took it apart and put it to use - as tent decks, dry pathways across mud, mess hall tables and even a little privacy for a handy noncom. The term "wood crates" had a different meaning in Europe.
From her father, a noncom in the East Indies and then a local Dutch railway conductor, Ferron's mother derived a partiality toward uniforms, going through several liaisons with men in uniform, even a taxi owner!
"I believe that divesting this noncom business is the ideal way to advance our overall strategy of focusing our resources on growing our core business.
It is all here," the German noncom said, tapping his personal digital assistant.
Shirley Temple, somehow only seemed to get good roles in Wayne movies, and turns in his finest performance here as a rebellious Marine who starts out hating his noncom leader, then winds up realizing how the sergeant made a man out of him.