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NONELNon-Electric (firing system for explosives)
NONELNo-Observed-Nephrotoxic-Effect Level (toxicology)
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Nonel and ANFO are loaded into the 68 holes with a 2.
5 Anfo pressure vessel loader mounted on a utility vehicle is used to load the holes with Anfo, which is initiated by Nonel and boosters, with an allowance of 20% watergel for wet conditions.
The 'uppers' are loaded with Magnafrac and Scufflex by a pneumatic cartridge loader and are then detonated by short delay Nonel caps.
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Trunk Line Delay And Nonel Dth 25Mts
The bottom of the probe is taped to the primer and the probe follows the Nonel downline.
Known as the Nonel NPED-detonator (Non Primary Explosives Detonator) it improves safety at all stages from manufacture to transport, storage and use.
Limited Tenders are invited for Trunk Line Delay (Tld) 9Mts 42Ms & Nonel Dth 25Mts (Shock Tube Initiation System)
The detonator-used downhole was a Nonel Shock Tube that produced no detrimental effects in the column charge.
The holes are charged with Anfo using a pneumatic loader and the blasts are initiated using long-delay Nonel detonators.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Nonel Shock Tube-7m,10m,15m,25m
Initiation systems such as the Nonel non-electric system, charging equipment, sales of technology and plants are backed up by technical expertise and support.
Blasts (see May 1992 E&MJ cover) are initiated with 18-grain detonating cord, 20-ft long MS Nonel Primadets, and 1-1b cast primers.