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NOPANoncollinear Optical Parametric Amplifier (white light)
NOPANew Orleans Photo Alliance (New Orleans, LA)
NOPANational Office Products Alliance
NOPANational Oilseed Processors Association
NOPANorth of the Panhandle (San Francisco, CA)
NOPANotice of Proposed Adjustment
NOPANational Office Products Association
NOPANitrogen by O-Phthaldialdehyde (assay)
NOPANon-Offending Parent Advocacy (Fresno, CA)
NOPANotice of Project for Employment involving Asbestos
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A team at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands, led by Bert Koopmans, is using a Spirit femtosecond laser and Nopa, from California-headquartered Spectra-Physics, in developing new memory technology.
NOPA provides a platform for retailers and importers to discover the latest innovations and trends in natural and organic products from across the globe.
Meanwhile, a near optimal power allocation (NOPA) scheme is adopted in each relay node for low complexity.
Esto se observa en (8a) y (8b) y (8d), donde el participante topical es codificado primero por medio de una frase nominal plena formada por un determinante y un nombre compuesto, se tenantamasoli 'una rana' y nopa tenantamasoli 'esta rana' respectivamente.
Ofsted described the leadership of principal, Christine Kemp-Hall, as "inspirational", and commended the enthusiasm and determination of NOPA's staff in creating "a culture where everyone loves to learn".
Por cierto ese ultimo parrafo se inicia en nauatl diciendo "Nopa tonali tlen tech machtijekj to klua ua tik yekojkej" (399).
In the wine industry, common tests such as acetic acid, ammonia, G+F, malic acid, NOPA and total sulfite can be run.
Jesse Hiney, wine director for the 160-seat American brasserie NoPa in Washington, D.C., likes to pair brandy with rich, fatty meats, as you would a big, tannic red wine.
"como vivimos en una ciudad de mucho tabu, entonces, por ejemplo, uno esta psicologicamente preparado que en cualquier parte se saca el seno y pone al bebe a comer, uno a veces dice: !ah nopa' sentarme aqui!
"If there was ever a time to bring back productive land that taxpayers are renting to idle, now is the time," says NOPA, in a statement.
The team behind the popular Anfield Wrap Podcast picked up the People's Choice trophy at the 2011 NOPA football blogging and podcasting awards night.
The Northern Parula (NOPA) is a high canopy feeder, and yet this species is very positively associated with RDA axis 1; however, this may be due to insufficient sampling, as the NOPA was detected only once.