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NOPSNew Orleans Public Schools (Louisiana)
NOPSNRO (National Reconnaissance Office) Operations Squadron
NOPSNational Ocean Policy Study
NOPSNorth Oxford Property Services (UK)
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That failed and Boro split away again - earning the nickname 'the Scabs' - while Nops, 'the Washers', successfully applied the following year to join a newly formed second division.
There were bitter recriminations with Nops stalwarts accusing the faint-heart Boro splitters of undermining the project from the start.
The soy monomers are transesterified with a suitable glycol to increase molecular weight and generate the NOPs. The NOPs used in this study possess an average hydroxy functionality of two.
PUDs derived from NOPs are prepared by polycondensation reactions of polyisocyanates and polyols.
NOPs have also been tested in the USA for polyisocyanurate rigid foams such as for laminated boardstock used as thermal building insulation.
One highlight of the conference was the introduction of a new tri-functional NOP from BioBased Technologies, whose Agrol NOPs have achieved wide acceptance in spray foam insulation, automotive uses, and carpets.
For this PIR foam system, Bayer researchers developed NOPs that mimic the structure of a polyester polyol that is used in metal-faced panels.
One breakthrough in NOP technology comes from Bayer MaterialScience, which reported that it can produce NOPs that overcome some drawbacks that have heretofore limited their use.
Using a proprietary manufacturing process, Bayer reports it has produced NOPs that are well suited to use in rigid insulating foams.
The three Division B promotion places are between Nops B, who will almost certainly be champions, Brambles Farm, Erimus and Parkway.
This week Nops cemented top place by beating TSB 29-11, while Farm beat Dormans by the same score, and Erimus moved into third place by beating the Fleet 30-10 as Parkway had their rest week.
Div B: Fleet: 5,0,3,7,4 1/2 , 19 1/2 ; Buffs: 0,2,3,5,7, 17; Farm: 2,2,1,9,7, 21; Longlands: 2,2,3,7,4, 18; TSB: 0,0,6,2,2, 10; Dormans: 3,0,6,7,0, 16; Hem B: 2,7,5,2,4 1/2 , 20 1/2 ; Priory: 7,5,5,4,2, 23; Erimus: 5,5,7,0,2, 19; Nops: 5,5,5,2,5, 22; Nest: 7,7,2,7,7, 30; Parkway: 4,7,2,2,9, 24.