NOPSANational Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority (Australia)
NOPSANational Ostrich Processors of South Africa (Oudtshoorn, South Africa)
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(219) Furthermore, while NOPSA was responsible for safety on offshore
NOPSA was created as a statutory corporation with its own board and
environmental approvals and compliance, while operating alongside NOPSA,
regulator to sit alongside NOPSA, the legislation attributed
NOPSA will use an ECM solution from Objective ( to support safety assessments, audits and inspections, as well as corporate administration, such as finance and human resources.
NOPSA is deploying Objective Electronic Document Management, Records Management, Workflow and Web Content Management, as well as optional modules such as Objective Offline, to form a central information resource and repository for all of its unstructured information and to manage its information-intensive business processes.
NOPSA's mobile health and safety inspectors--who travel to offshore facilities for inspections, to investigate incidents and enforce regulations--will use the solution to quickly gather information.
Says Townsend, "With the solution, NOPSA can rely on a robust repository and workflow engine to implement processes to support the integrity of its operations."
Ms Cutler s strategic leadership skills have been invaluable during this term, particularly in the transition from NOPSA to NOPSEMA, as well as during the implementation of the one-stop shop approvals process.