NOPTNo Procedure Turn Required
NOPTNational Organisation for Practice Teaching (England, UK)
NOPTNational Organization of Professional Teachers (Philippines)
NOPTNucleo Operativo di Polizia Delle Telecomunicazioni
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You're at 7000, but clearance for the approach means any altitude down to the MEA, so you start hoofing it down figuring you'll level off at 4500 to be ready for the NoPT leg to FETUJ.
Instead, ATC usually vectors a flight to join the final approach course somewhere between the initial approach fix (IAF) and the final approach fix (FAF), or we join an approach segment accompanied by the notation "NoPT." Yet, a recent issue of the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System publication Callback highlighted how confusing the procedure turn/no procedure turn decision can be.
The sector in the northeast corner of the chart shows the sector from 101 degrees inbound clockwise to 281 degrees inbound has a minimum altitude of 2700 feet and shows NoPT. You'd proceed direct to the IAF at OVIVE, and once within 30 NM descend to 2700 feet, cross OVIVE and fly a course of 191 inbound.
Furthermore, the optimal final decision threshold nopt can be derived as
In these instances the chart will be labeled "NoPT," for "no procedure turn." You won't be expected to fly a course reversal in any of these cases, and in fact you're not authorized tofly a procedure turn unless you specifically ask and are cleared to do so.
We're told by 14 CFR [section] 91.175(j) that a procedure turn is not allowed without ATC clearance when receiving radar vectors to the final approach course or fix, making a timed approach from holding, or when the procedure specifies "NoPT." "Ah ha!
You also can't do it when conducting a timed approach or when the procedure is specifically marked "NoPT." See the sidebar on the previous page to learn when you need to fly the procedure turn.
I added that it's unnecessary if cleared straight-in, receiving vectors to final or if the chart stated NoPT. Timed approaches from a holding fix also omit the PT.
Procedure turns on approaches (holds-in-lieu and teardrops) are mandatory unless one of the conditions in [section]91.175(j) applies--vectors to final, cleared straight-in from a fix, on a NoPT route, or a timed approach from a holding fix.
You can't mark the whole leg NoPT because anyone coming from the northeast must fly the racetrack pattern, which is the procedure turn here.
AIM 5-4-9 (5) and (6) seem to say yes, but 5-4-5 (8) seems to say a turn from the feeder of less than 90 degrees is implicitly NoPT."
"Approach, do you want a straight-in approach, or a procedure turn?" At times, procedure turns are prohibited ("NoPT").