NORCAPNational Organisation for Counselling Adoptees and Parents (UK)
NORCAPNorth Coast Aids Project (California)
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The NORCAP roster managed by the Norwegian Refugee Council already has a wide mix of nationalities in its register.
Their website ( is very comprehensive or you can call on 01865 875000.
Although NORCAP did not succeed, through them she did take part in a TV documentary which yielded one of her dearest possessions and one that always gives her a lump in her throat when she looks at it.
He revealed how he found out about his true past when he and Amber became determined to find each other at the same moment and, astonishingly, both registered with the same specialist agency, Norcap, which acts as intermediary between natural parents and adopted children.
Sandra now accepts she will probably never be reunited with her birth mother, but she works with the adoption group NORCAP and their Foundling Group, set up for grown- up abandoned babies.
Nordic rsc has carried out the market dialogue about the application tool for nordic rsc norcap project and an indicative prior information notice about the contemplated procedure has been published in the official journal of the european union on 16.3.2018 under number 2018/s 055-122610.
Brenda meanwhile was doing everything she could to find Joanne, firing off letters to the Salvation Army and Norcap, a charity for adults affected by adoption.
Contact NORCAP (for adults affected by adoption) on 01865 875000.
For instance, NORCAP's booklet, Searching for Family Connections, has been updated several times since its publication in 1983 yet carries only one page on intermediary services.
If she feels she needs some outside support, she might like to contact NORCAP, the organisation that helps adults affected by adoption, on 01865 875 000 or email
But with help from the National Organisation for the Counselling of Adoptees and Parents, (NORCAP), and despite being told her records were lost, contact was made with a sister, Natalie.
One is to use an intermediary service such as Norcap or After Adoption,or you can search yourself.