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NORDONo-Radio (Aircraft)
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ATC is particularly sensitive to NORDO aircraft because to them you are out of control.
During the "grooming sessions" Nordo also showed his gun to the victims as a way of threatening them.
PH-pejling om Nordos och TT-Lines frakt-prischock, PaHugget 11(368): 8-10 (in Swedish).
If you are out of contact with ATC longer than __ minutes you are declared a NORDO,"aka No Radio."
If you go Nordo, numerous phone calls to nearby facilities will be made trying to reestablish communications.
In Seattle, two stage companies--Cafe Nordo and Teatro ZinZanni--have devised deliriously idiosyncratic forms of the latter.
I switched to the wrong frequency, which resulted in a NORDO condition on top of being emergency fuel.
At 17:56 mountain daylight time on Wednesday the Airbus A320, operating as Northwest Airlines flight 188, became a NORDO (no radio communications) flight while at 37,000 fleet.
To complicate the emergency, the flight crew suddenly experienced a near NORDO condition.
My trainee focused all his attention on the NORDO, ignoring the other six.
I squawked 7600 so controllers would see that I was effectively Nordo. This battery was not lasting anywhere near as long as I had planned.