NORFNeste Oil Rally Finland (car race)
NORFNew Orleans Restoration Fund (donor-advised fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation)
NORFNonannotated Open Reading Frame (genomics)
NORFNo Observable Redeeming Features
NORFNonoliguric Renal Failure
NORFNegros Occidental Rehabilitation Foundation (Philippines)
NORFneck of right femur
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City conveyance records show NORF purchased the church in 2015 for $708,000.
To evaluate the sensitivity of the NORF model to individual model parameters, we changed the mean value of each input variable (gage height, temperature, salinity, wind, and rainfall), one at a time, by [+ or -] 5%, [+ or -]10%, [+ or -]20%, [+ or -]30%, and [+ or -]40%, respectively, and calculated the percent change in the model output (i.e., the predicted probability of an outbreak) with each incremental change in the individual predictor variables.
Linguists interested in narrower, more structural questions about the Norf k language are unlikely to find their curiosity completely sated here, but there are a few gems to reward even these readers.
And Bligey, 43, was looking forward to partying in Norf Landan, adding: "I love to party."
Phillip Island placenames designate, delineate, and demarcate clear boundaries in the history of the language on the rest of the Norfolk Archipelago: Norf'k only exists in names endowed after the Pitcairners arrived in 1856; English names occur both before and after 1856.
(32) John Stanpet, parson of Attleborough (Norf.), offered an even more compelling basis for the chancellor's intercession: after being terrorised by parishioner Thomas Pyrt, Stanpet was so fearful for his life that he had not performed mass for ten weeks; nor had he been able to minister to his parishioners, collect tithes, or visit the sick.
Novelis Inc, a producer of rolled aluminium and an aluminium recycler, has installed its recycling centre expansion at Aluminium Norf GmbH (Alunorf) in Neuss.
ich 1 Ma Canc Riha viole Brow 6 Nic Party Heal by th 43,4 HSB Calv Norf 15 S down Mag publ Chris front song his fo Herm The raise Broo Chris to th Knee Filipi Rock Feye Slov skele 47 1 CER
Norf Landan boy with argument and some tunes to 'av it wiv.
Someone says they don't know, maybe Alaska, maybe South America, maybe "sumwarz up norf."