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NORINational Oceanographic Research Institute (Korea)
NORINetherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
NORINuclear Operational Readiness Inspection
NORINational Ophthalmic Research Institute (Fort Myers, FL)
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He further added that after listening to the brave cancer survivors of Oncology Department NORI he has come to the conclusion that faith, hope, appropriate and timely intervention could lead to successful treatment of cancer.
They set off towards Kings Norton but during the journey, he claimed, Mr Nori had made suggestive sexual remarks and had groped and kissed the teenager who eventually managed to flee from the vehicle.
Mike Moustakas had the game-winning hit for the Kansas City Royals in Game 1 of the American League Division Series against the hometown Los Angeles Angels, but teammate Nori Aoki gets credit for two potentially game-save catches.
Kim however did face backlash on certain Web sites for dressing baby Nori in a very non-flashy outfit.
Dr Suzann Nori, consultant neurologist at the Rashid Hospital, Dubai believes the spike in cases of the auto-immune disease, which damages the brain and spinal cord resulting in symptoms including dizziness, fatigue and numbness, may be due to improved monitoring and awareness of the condition.
15g (1/2oz) nori seaweed strips 450g (1lb) unsalted butter, softened 15g (1/2oz) sea salt 2 tbsp vegetable oil 4 x 200g (7oz) fresh skate wings Plain flour, seasoned, to dust SERVES: 4.
The pirate leader sends the girls on a mission to find and capture the Nori.
The dress, by Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design graduate George Nemsadze, is made from nori, the seaweed paper - a staple in sushi.
Popular types include kelp, nori (seaweed,) arame (type of kelp,) kombu (a brown kelp), and sea palm.
The second Iran goal in 83rd minute badly exposed the gaps in the UAE defence as Mohammad Nori and Khosro Heidari toyed with the defenders before Nori consolidated the Iranian lead.
Center 1 nori strip over rice, angling it diagonally from left bottom corner.