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(5.) We label our measure of Tweet content the "tone" of the Tweet, as the label "sentiment" is more often than not used to capture nonfundamental information, for example, as in Edmans, Garcia, and Norli (2007).
Norli. "Seasoned Public Offerings: Resolution of the 'New Issue Puzzle'." Journal of Financial Economics 56(2000): 251-291.
(13) Note that some studies found sports events to have an impact on individual's behavior (Edmans, Garcia, & Norli, 2007; Lozano, 2011; Skogman Thoursie, 2004).
Norli (2000): "Seasoned Public Offerings: Resolution of the New Issues Puzzle", Journal of Financial Economics, Vol.
The authors, Alex Edmans, Diego Garcia and Oyvind Norli, found a significant market decline after national football losses when investigating stock market reaction to sudden changes in investor mood.
e* 25 farmers were identified to be involved in the establishment of farm nurseries in Ganateer, Grou, Umjanah, Selalow and Norli. WV selected 45 women to benefit from a vegetable garden to be established in Mershing.
Three good varieties of mangetout are Sugar Dwarf Sweet Green, Norli, and Oregon Sugar Pod.
(30.) Pitirim Sorokin, Menneskehetens Gjenreisning [The Reconstruction of Humanity] (Oslo: Norli, 1953), 64.
The authors appreciate the data analysis performed by Mark Berger, Bard Stillerud, and Oyvind Norli. Partial funding for this study was obtained from the Research Council of Norway and the University of Kentucky Summer Faculty Research Fellowships.
If you're less inclined to spend time shelling, try crunchy, edible-pod snow peas, such as 'Oregon Sugar Pod II' or 'Norli', for stir-fry dishes or just steamed.