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NORMNaturally Occurring Radioactive Material
NORMNational Organization of Restoring Men
NORMnot operationally ready, maintenance (US DoD)
NORMNuclear Operational Readiness Maneuver
NORMNACK (Negative Acknowledgement)-Oriented Reliable Multicast (US Navy)
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Before Norm follows him out of the frame, he looks down at his handiwork and sighs, "There wasn't much to dat potato.
It was witty, clever and very much in keeping with the whimsical nature of the Norm books.
These pipes over time will emit higher than background levels of radiation, which is where NORM can get dangerous.
Pluralistic ignorance and alcohol use on campus: Some consequences of misperceiving the social norm.
Equally interesting is the cumulative effect of Southern agency: Latin American backing for the norm of universal participation in the late nineteenth century helped to give Southern countries a crucial seat at the table to promote international development and human rights norms in multilateral negotiations in the mid-twentieth century.
Norm was among the last of a breed of proprietors of small, independent scientific equipment supply houses.
Baer, (1994) found that students entering their first year of college had a perception of high levels of acceptable drinking behaviors, but found that this diminished somewhat a year later, suggesting that direct experience with behaviors may mitigate norm perceptions.
This is the third Norm book by Jonathan Meres and each one has just about hit the spot when it comes to entertaining young readers.
These results suggest that children understand that 'our group' falls within the scope of the norm and can be expected to respect it.
Because corporate liability is not recognized as a 'specific, universal, and obligatory' norm," the majority concluded, "it is not a rule of customary international law that we may apply under the ATS.
A social norm is a standard behavior within a certain society.