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NORMANo Remote Memory Access
NORMANo Remote Memory Access (Mach kernel)
NORMANational Oceanic Resource Management Authority (est. 1979; Federated States of Micronesia)
NORMANature of the target, Obstacle clearance, Range to target, Multiple firing positions, Adequate area for proper dispersion between aircraft
NORMANetwork Operations Requiring Minimal Access
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Paul, 61, was left devastated, and was stunned to find that his insurance company would only pay out PS3,000 towards getting Norma home from the island.
Norma married the love of her life, Albert Wilson Porter on October 11, 1968 in Norma's parents' home in rural Ramsey.
Norma's daughter Sandra Rennie wants them to apologise for the incident.
There was an instance when one of the girls let's call her Norma 1 was actually riding the same car as Heart Throb but she didn't say a word, fearing he might recognize her voice.
Elizabeth and Norma have been friends for over a decade.
Alison Davies, head teacher, said: "This year our students and staff have shown their generosity by collecting for a number of good causes includingRugbyFood Bank, the Red Box Project and the hampers created by Norma, which I am sure will be well received by young people across the county."
The assistant contract manager checked Norma's vital signs and found that her If it wasn't quick actions mother would her pulse was only beating once every three seconds.
Gradually Norma began to improve, able to move her head, shrug and smile.
Norma moved to Edinburgh more than a decade ago and was elected to the city council on a Labour ticket.
And, delivered by Ria Jones as Norma, it seems never more appropriate.