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NORMALNeighborhood Ownership Recovery Mortgage Assistance Loan
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Between the purely physical rykor and the purely mental kaldane there was little choice; but in the happy medium of normal, and imperfect man, as she knew him, lay the most desirable state of existence.
Recently, researchers have suspected that the normal protein, called cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR), may also directly or indirectly regulate the passage of various other molecules into and out of cells.
The rainfall remained close to normal during the nine days of this month, whereas in August it was largely in excess across major parts of the country.
Region Temperature Outlook Precipitation Outlook British Columbia Above normal in most of the southern part of the province.
Yes, that CT is normal, and, no, by the way, there is no hemorrhage.
During the last couple of weeks Nordic regions and eastern Europe have seen a return to colder than normal temperatures.
On routes between Tokyo and London, the new fares will be: JPY438,000 for Economy PEX, a decrease of 7%; JPY835,600 for normal Economy Class, unchanged from previous fares; JPY1,173,200 for normal Business Class, an increase of 7%; and JPY2,204,100 for normal First Class, up 13%.
95 plus normal rail fare to Warwick (normal price: pounds 13.
The narrative is told from two points of view: Theodora's (formerly Dora Twistle) and Emily Fine's (the normal girl).
It's probable we will have normal to below-normal rainfall, but it's just as likely to have the below-normal rainfall during the weaker El Ninos.
For this purpose, testicular descent was coded as 0 and called "complete" if both testicles were rated as either normal or normal retractile; otherwise, it was coded as 1 and called "incomplete.