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NORSARNorwegian Seismic Array
NORSARNorwegian Search and Rescue Team (Switzerland)
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Norsar's detection of a second blast was first reported by Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten on Friday.
"We registered two explosions, of which the last one coincided in time with the reported increase in radiation," Norsar Chief Executive Anne Stroemmen Lycke told Reuters, while adding that this likely came from the rocket's fuel.
PMD - NORSAR (2007) allocated seismic zones, which consists of study area along with surrounding regions shown in Figure 3.
Para desarrollarla se utilizo el software COCAD y NORSAR 31) en la construccion de modelos y el modelamiento sismico 3D, respectivamente.
This software has a huge advantage in the integration of information from external sources, and possesses the capacity to export into other applications such as the NORSAR's NORSAR 3D software, where seismic modeling is realized (Earth Science Decisions, 2005).
The authors would like to give special thanks to other members of the enthusiastic project group which so far have contributed to this study, including Farrokh Nadim (NGI), Conrad Lindholm (NORSAR), Kuvvet Atakan (UiB), Aud Tennoy (NIBR), architect Birger Heyerdahl.
In addition, NNSN receives data from NORSAR, which operates three seismic arrays and one single seismic station with the purpose of nuclear test ban treaty monitoring through the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization.
Peak ground acceleration value does not correlate well with the damage potential of an earthquake (PMD and NORSAR, 2007).
(1.) NORSAR (Norwegian Seismic Array) at Kjeller was one of about 50 nodes of ARPANET in 1975 (Rasmussen, 2007).
Due to the largest seismic activity reported by PMD and Norsars, FF Steel's team of technical experts educated the audience about the importance of using minimum grade 60 steel in their constructions through case studies and international reports.