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NORSARNorwegian Seismic Array
NORSARNorwegian Search and Rescue Team (Switzerland)
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This software has a huge advantage in the integration of information from external sources, and possesses the capacity to export into other applications such as the NORSAR's NORSAR 3D software, where seismic modeling is realized (Earth Science Decisions, 2005).
NORSAR 3D is a software for seismic modeling in three dimensions.
The system performs this procedure automatically, meaning that false blocks will be generated, making necessary to redraft the model to adapt it to the reality Another important step in the validation of the model in NORSAR 3D is the assignment of the properties of the rocks such as the velocity.
In the application of the Common Shot Wave front Tracer of NORSAR 3D, all the shots of the design were modeled for each line, obtaining events as a result (databases of all the propagations in the Common Shot domain), which register the attributes of each ray traced.